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      Xinxiang new future Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and entered the hi tech Development Zone in 2003. After more than 10 years of development, the company has a new future creative design company of new future Electric Co., Ltd. (power system component production organization). The new future Precision Mold Co., Ltd. (mold design and injection molding) composition.

      The company has always been committed to the research, manufacture and sale of reactive power compensation, distribution monitoring, power monitoring software, network instrument, filter compensation device and other products. After years of development, a group of young, efficient and fast responding teams have been gathered. The more trust and support, the company has independent import and export rights. Products have been exported to the international market.

       The company has advanced testing equipment, electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment, SMT automatic patch line and high efficient hardware development platform. The company is based on "creating a hundred years of innovation in the future" as a concept. Create a new brand for the future. Cooperation with you is a great honor for us to break the future.



       Xinxiang new future Precision Mold Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014. It is a production and processing enterprise based on mould manufacturing and plastic products processing. The company is located in Xinxiang, Henan. The business scope covers the development of injection molding products, mold design, injection molding, plastic moulds, plastic products, plastic products processing, Injection mold, mold processing, sales, mold design, development and manufacturing.

       The company is located in the 200 science and technology enterprise accelerator Park of Xinxiang hi tech Zone, Henan Province, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The registered capital is 1 million RMB and the area of the factory area is 1200 square. Companies adhering to the "integrity, professional, win-win" business philosophy, adhere to the customer first, quality first, to serve customers with science and technology, adhere to technological progress, continuous innovation, continuous transcendence, has become a mold manufacturing, injection processing industry has the strength and scale of enterprises. 

       Xinxiang new future Precision Mold Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength and development ability, and has advanced production and processing equipment, exquisite technical technology, advanced management concept, and has the ability to design and manufacture injection mold products for users according to the needs of the users. The mould production department is well equipped: 2 CNC machining centers, 1 carving machines, 2 spark machines, 1 line cutting machines, 3 milling machines, 2 grinding machines, 4 injection molding machines, etc. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome the vast number of enterprises, users and consumers to contact us, we will be in line with the best products, provide the best service for the user for the purpose, wholeheartedly for your service!

         After several years of development, our company has accumulated abundant technical resources and good customer reputation in mold manufacturing and injection processing industry. In order to further expand and promote, in 2017, the company entered the new environmental protection small household electrical appliances and automotive electronics industry, through the efforts of the company R & D personnel, the company's new research and development of a number of new energy electric series products, and through the national patent review.

      Looking forward to the future, we firmly believe that under the background of national innovation, under the joint efforts of our new future people, the future of the company will be better and better, so that the world will fall in love with the new future.

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