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Customer serviceQQ:3475468883,3294143370 

Contact mode of Mould Factory:

Manager Wang:13353663977/13782581549

Customer serviceQQ:541958956 



Website : en.xwl.com.cn

Address:No. 200 De Yuan Xi Road, Xinxiang high tech Zone


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1. quality is life, service is the purpose. Operation standard can be observed, quality and efficiency need not worry.

2. casting brilliance, only quality. Innovation is the foundation, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal.

3. leap over today's vision and expand the vision of twenty-first Century.

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There are many inconveniences in going out. Our company follows customers as friends.

The idea of sincere hospitality will provide you with considerate service and avoid the inconvenience of your work.

When you are coming to Xinxiang, Henan or have reached the airport and the station, please give us one.

Telephone (0373-5010901/5010902/5010903), we will send in time.

The car will meet you and help you arrange the accommodation. When you are going to drive to the new Future Ltd,

You can set your vehicle GPS destination to "Xinxiang hi tech Pioneer Park".

It will guide our company correctly.

When you use our company's products, you can't get timely and thoughtful service.

Please go to 18637386550. It will be solved in time.


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