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The development model of instrument in China

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The development model of instrument in China

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The development model of instrument in China

The world's leading industrial powers have their own high instrumentation industry. Sooner or later, China will become an industrial developed country. How to develop its instrument and meter industry is a very important topic. With the distinction between capital and technology, the development of instrument and instrument industry in the world is no more than two modes: first, it is based on domestic capital and technology, and the two is based on foreign capital and technology.

Industrial developed countries are generally the first model. Developing countries are often limited to second modes. Their typical example is Singapore. It is worthwhile to seriously study whether China should become a developed country in the instrument and meter industry. As a Chinese instrument and instrument industry with a considerable scale of industry, the rise and fall of a Chinese instrument and instrument industry is the first to rise and fall of a Chinese instrument and instrument industry. The effectiveness of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the improvement of the level and strength of private enterprises, and the full potential of enterprises run by universities and scientific research institutions are the hope of domestic enterprises. China's instrument and meter industry is facing a severe situation under the heavy pressure of foreign capital import and import surge, but it will not break up, will not be defeated, and will not die out. Its survival and development lies in the three comparative advantages of market, human resources and industry basis. China's instrument and instrument industry is developing and already has such scale and ability.

The Chinese instrument and instrument enterprises will not be limited to the development of the medium and low grade products with comparative advantages. The outstanding enterprises in the industry have been able to break through some high-tech fields to break the situation of monopoly and monopoly of foreign capital and imported products. On the one hand, we should give full play to the comparative advantage of the industry and consolidate and expand its status and achievements in the field of general products. On the other hand, it is a breakthrough in the field of scientific instruments and testing and control of high technology, and narrowing the gap is the way for the development of domestic enterprises.


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