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Development prospect planning of instrument and instrument in China in 2010

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Development prospect planning of instrument and instrument in China in 2010

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Development prospect planning of instrument and instrument in China in 2010

Product structure adjustment objectives: industrial automation instruments, focusing on the development of the main control system and intelligent instruments based on field bus technology, special and special automation instruments. The technology level of products reached the advanced level in the late 1990s, and sales accounted for 30% of domestic instrument sales in 2005. Facing the market, expanding the service field in an all-round way, promoting the digital, intelligent and network of the instrument system, completing the transformation of automatic instrument from analog to digital technology. The number of "fifteen" digital instruments has reached more than 60%.

The commercialization of automated software with independent copyright will be promoted, and sales will reach 150 million yuan at the end of "fifteen".  Electrical instruments and meters, focusing on the development of long life watt hour meters, electronic watt hour meters, special special electrical measuring instruments, power grid metering automatic management system.

By 2005, the domestic market share of middle and low grade electrical instrument and instrument products reached 95%, the domestic market share of high-grade products and the foreign market share of middle and low grade products have been greatly improved on the existing basis. Scientific testing instruments, key development process analysis instruments, environmental monitoring instruments and instruments, industrial furnace and kiln energy saving analysis instruments, as well as the dynamic balance, dynamic test and vehicle performance tester around the basic industry, geodetic instruments, development of half station, total station electronic speed measuring instrument, and measuring global positioning system (G PS) and other new products such as testing machines, laboratory instruments, product reliability tester, etc. The products are mainly intermediate products with high technical content, and account for about 50%-60% of output value in 2005.

Environmental instruments and instruments, by 2005, the technology of the product system reached the advanced international level in the late 1990s, the output value was 3 billion yuan, and the domestic market share reached 50%-60%. By 2010, it will expand to more than 7 billion yuan, with a market share of more than 70%.


Instruments and components, "fifteen" and "2010" period, "increase product variety, improve product quality, improve economic efficiency" as a key task. The product variety satisfaction rate reached 70%-80%, and the top grade product reached over 60%. The organizational structure adjustment goal of the enterprise. The main points are: "seize a few key points, liberalize one, restrict the elimination of a batch, and foster regional advantages."

Target of quality benefit: carry out the certification of international standard quality system, establish the quality system of the industry, strengthen the research of reliability technology, and improve the inner quality of the product. The product reliability index MTBF: automatic instrument reaches 50 thousand -10 10000 hours; the electric degree is expressed to 25 years, the overload is 6 times; the scientific test instrument reaches 4000-6000 hours. The instrument and instrument device MTBF is more than 108 hours. The qualification rate of instrument and material products, first class and excellent products are up to 90%, 80% and 60% from the current 85%, 70% and 30%, respectively. 60% of the enterprises in the whole industry are certified by the ISO9000 quality system, of which the large enterprises (Group), key backbone enterprises and high-tech enterprises all pass the quality system certification. Through market competition, 200 famous brand products of domestic instruments and meters are formed.

Profit goal: profit growth reached 8% in 2005 and 12% in 2010. The efficiency of capital utilization increased by 5% in 2005 and increased by 8% in 2010. In 2005, half of the assets reached a reasonable level. 30% enterprises reached a better degree. In 2010, 90% of the enterprises reached a reasonable level, and the 50% enterprises reached a good degree.

Adjustment of industry structure and key point of development

Focus on the adjustment of product structure:

- priority development of the key products. The principle of selection:

* key products for national economic development and national economic construction and technological transformation;

Products that affect the development of instrumentation industry;

New hi-tech products with new growth points;

* products that are in line with the national conditions, market prospects and potential.

• export earning products with international competitiveness and key products of "production in the first place".

- to promote professional cooperation and establish a "dumbbell" industrial structure with small size and small size, and focus on the key areas of financial development, key areas and high and new technology industries, so as to achieve technological progress and industrial upgrading in the instrument and instrument industry. - expanding the high-tech enterprises in the instrument and instrument industry, and actively developing a group of high-tech enterprises, automation software companies and automation system integrated service companies with technical innovation ability and special professional products.

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