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Analysis of market prospect of electrical apparatus and instrument products in mainland China

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Analysis of market prospect of electrical apparatus and instrument products in mainland China

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Analysis of market prospect of electrical apparatus and instrument products in mainland China

At present, the production capacity of domestic electrical and instrumentation products reaches about 80000000 sets. In the middle and low grade products, such as traditional electric energy meter, installation meter and portable electric meter, the production capacity is overcapacity. In the middle and high grade products, such as high accuracy digital instrument, digital measuring instrument, automatic test system and so on, there is a difference between the advanced countries and the advanced countries. It can not fully meet the domestic market demand. It needs to be imported.

The characteristics of domestic market demand:

Market demand continues to grow. The electric power sector is the largest user demand for electrical and instrumentation products. In recent years, the overall growth trend has been maintained. Technological progress is the power source of the development of electrical instruments and instruments. For several decades, especially in the 20 years of reform and opening up, the products of electrical instruments and instruments have made great progress, and have made progress in the variety, quality and level of the products. The electric power department is the first big user of the electrical instrument and instrument products, which covers all 13 kinds of products of all electrical instruments and meters, especially the end users of the electric energy meter, the installation meter, the electric quantity transmitter and so on, almost one hundred percent are the electric power departments. The demand for electrical instruments and instruments in the electric power sector accounts for about 90% of the demand for electrical instruments and instruments in the whole market, which plays a decisive role in the demand for the products of the electrical instruments and instruments. The remaining 10% demand comes from other areas of national economic construction.


The technical level of the main product is required by the user:

The main features of the electrical instrument and instrument industry are the high density of technology, the comprehensive development of various technologies, the sensitivity to the new technology, and the short cycle of the product renewal. Therefore, the electrician and instrument industry is facing better opportunities and greater challenges. New products of electrical apparatus and instruments are emerging one after another, and users' requirements for product level are higher and higher.

(1) meter and system of electric energy metering instrument: at present, the demand of users is mainly 86 series of inductive electric energy meter, and the demand of electronic watt hour meter (mainly single phase) is on the rise rapidly. During the period of "fifteen", the inductive electric energy meter required by the user will be gradually transferred to the long life of 25~30 years, over 6 times the overload capacity, and the demand for the electronic watt hour meter will be further strengthened. The single-phase electronic watt hour meter, the electric card type prepaid electronic Watt hour meter, the three phase electronic multi power watt meter and the multi rate electric energy meter will be the main main. You need a goal. High precision electric energy meter is mainly used in gate point or net point, but also has certain demand, but because of its high technical content, most of the meter is imported from abroad at present; it is the development trend to adopt centralized automatic meter reading system to implement remote meter reading for each electric household, and the demand for automatic meter reading system will also rise.

(2) installation meter: the demand is mainly shown in the structure and precision of the product, improving the standardization, serialization and generalization level of the product, and making up the varieties and specifications. It is the urgent task. The demand for converter meters will gradually increase, and the demand for digital installation meters will also gradually increase.

(3) laboratory and portable electric meter: the demand for precision meter will shrink further, because the precision, performance and price ratio of the digital meter and precision meter are in absolute superiority, so the user's technical level of the precision meter is not further improved. The whole demand of portable electric meters will also be reduced. The requirement of this product is mainly on the appearance, structure design, expanding application area and improving reliability.


(4) digital instruments: the emphasis is on the reliability, the high precision table (11/2~17/2 bit) should have the IEEE488 interface, and it is easy to use in the automatic test system; the low precision table (7/2~9/2 bit) is the key requirement for the loss of the concubine. Nbsp;

(5) the AC and DC electrical instruments: the production level, quality, series, variety and specification of our country's DC electrical equipment are perfect. The products have reached a certain level, some are close to the world advanced level and can meet the needs of the users. In general, there is a gap in the exchange of electrical equipment compared with the advanced level in foreign countries. It is mainly a variety of varieties, poor sets, no series of products, especially the few digital instruments, which can not fully meet the needs of the users.

(6) automatic test system: with the rapid development of science and technology, the scientific experiment and production process have put forward higher automatic test requirements for electromagnetic measurement instruments. Some domestic units have been devoted to the research and development of the automatic test system, such as the computer aided test system CAT, the standard interface bus system IEEE488 and the CAMAC, the virtual instrument and the VXI system are being developed and produced at present, but most of them stay in the level of scientific research and prototype, and do not realize the scale of industrialization. Production. With the development of electronic technology, some large-scale scientific research engineering, military and aerospace engineering are also fully implemented by automatic test system. Therefore, the automatic test system is constantly required. From the fully independent automatic test system to the flexible modular and modular automatic test system is the future. The object of the demand.

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