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2017 electric power equipment industry report: temper the pace of advance

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2017 electric power equipment industry report: temper the pace of advance

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2017 electric power equipment industry report: temper the pace of advance

China will build the first high and low two RE heat engine group, a million kilowatt Hydropower Set "China", "Hualong No. 1" the first steam generator is developed successfully. The power of the 60 type single crystal PERC module breaks through 325 watts. The first 5 MW high power offshore wind farm is put into operation in China. The world voltage level is the highest and the maximum capacity is the highest. Pressure flexible direct flow valve through identification... A smart card has become a clear footnote for the power equipment manufacturing industry in 2017.

In the past year, the proportion of renewable energy in China has increased rapidly. The status of clean energy has risen from supplementary energy to alternative energy. Power equipment enterprises are transforming from traditional equipment manufacturing to new energy equipment. With the development of "China made 2025", China "manufacturing" is "making" the way forward to China. The line became clear; with the "The Belt and Road along the country continue to deepen cooperation, power equipment enterprises in China to go out of the pace sonorous and forceful.

Transformation and upgrading from traditional equipment manufacturing to new energy equipment manufacturing

Core reading: one side is the power plant construction and installation and increasingly stringent environmental demands, while the unlimited opportunities China manufacturing 2025 "and" The Belt and Road ", China's electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises to upgrade in the throes of confusion, temper forward in the ups and downs......

"New comprehensive energy such as new energy, gas power generation, distributed energy has become the main direction of transformation and development of electric power and energy equipment enterprises. The renewable energy, including wind power and solar energy, will continue to develop. The proportion of clean energy, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and shale gas, will be greatly increased in the proportion of primary energy consumption, and the efficient and flexible distributed energy will get greater development space under the support of national policy. Yi Xiaorong, vice president of Shanghai electric power station group and general manager of comprehensive energy department, said.

With the large-scale shutdown of thermal power units in China at the beginning of 2017, the traditional thermal power plant manufacturing enterprises began to transform and upgrade in the confusion and pain, and they made great progress in solar power generation, wind power generation, new energy vehicles and natural gas power generation.

In August 22, 2017, Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Boiler Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the Oriental boiler") formally signed the contract of the spotlight collector and steam generator for the 50 thousand KW light and heat generation project of the Hami molten salt tower. In recent years, the eastern boiler has made photothermal power as an important strategic industrial layout, and is ready to proceed with a leisurely pace.


In 2017, the first hydrogen powered battery powered city bus jointly developed by Dongfang Electric Group and Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd. officially rolled out. The car is the first system level product developed from the Central Research Institute of the Eastern Electric Group, which has been developed from the laboratory to commercialization. The power system of the bus is provided by the Eastern Electric Group from the fuel cell power module, the motor motor and the controller, and has a full set of independent intellectual property rights.

At the end of 2017, the coupled power generation technology of waste incineration and large coal-fired unit developed by the Harbin Boiler Company Limited company limited by Harbin Electric Group has become the first coal - fired power generation technology approved by the State Energy Bureau. The technology breaks the operation mode of the traditional garbage incinerator, and can increase the efficiency of the waste incineration to 31.6%, which can also be regarded as the epitome of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional thermal power plant manufacturing enterprises.

In the next three years, the Shanghai electric power plant group will focus on the equipment fields such as photovoltaic, light and heat, wind power, energy saving transformation and intelligent micro grid. The photovoltaic should focus on large complex, logistics park, large station, building roof and so on. Light and heat should be devoted to the key projects of large electric power and private enterprise, wind power should be large The main focus of energy conservation reform is to focus on Industrial Development Zone, steel plant, chemical plant waste heat utilization and city hospital. The target of intelligent micro grid is large development zone, sea island and so on. At the same time, we should speed up the development of geothermal, tidal, biomass energy and energy storage and other projects.

"Belt and Road Initiative let Chinese equipment shine the world

Core reading: enter a new era and embark on a new journey. In the critical period of "13th Five-Year", China's power equipment enterprises will continue to seek transformation in innovation, seek development in the transition, and go forward in order to achieve the goal of "China manufacturing 2025".


In October 3, 2017, as the key project of "China Pakistan Economic Corridor" - Gasim port coal fired power station No. 1 set up the goal of blowpipe node ahead of schedule. The power plant uses two 660 thousand kilowatt supercritical coal-fired units, including 99% of the three main engines, including steam turbines, boilers and generators, all of which come from China, directly driving the Chinese equipment "going out" over 7 billion RMB, and become a sample project for Chinese standards, Chinese technology and Chinese equipment to go out.

In May 10, 2017, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor state aid is a key project, "The Belt and Road along the fastest start of overseas energy projects - Pakistan Csathy Val coal-fired power station No. 1 unit speed up to 3000 rpm, one stroke success. The Shanghai electric power station group obtained the contract for the supply of steam turbine, generator and auxiliary engine for the two 660 thousand kilowatt supercritical coal-fired power plant of Pakistan Csathy Val, which provided two 660 thousand kilowatt supercritical coal-fired generating set boilers for the power station.

On the occasion of the "Hualong 1" demonstration reactor Fuqing 5 unit and the Fuqing 6 unit construction in full swing, the three generation nuclear power technology in China has also gone out of the country on a large scale. The Kazakhstan group provides all the K2 and K3 nuclear power projects for the K2 and K3 nuclear power projects for the first export of "No. 1". Before the "Hualong No. 1", our equipment enterprises also provided the steam generator and the reactor coolant pump with independent intellectual property rights for the C2, C3 and C4 of Pakistan.

In December 2017, the Brazil beautiful mountain + 800 thousand volt high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) project was invested by the national Power Grid Corp and Brazil national electric power company. UHV transmission technology is a major innovation of China's complete independent intellectual property rights. The Brazil beautiful mountain item is the first time to make its appearance abroad. It is understood that the two phase of the beautiful mountain project has also been fully started. This project will lead our UHV equipment manufacturing and operation management to the sea. The UHV equipment made by China western power group, nun Rui group, Xu Ji group and Ping Gao group will go out of the country in large quantities.

[expert opinion]

Szev, chairman of Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd.: insist on transformation, and rely on innovation drive to promote technological progress. The world's largest single capacity Baihe shoal hydropower station has started construction and continues to dance the top of the world's hydroelectric power. High efficiency and clean coal technology leads the world, leading the green development of coal equipment, realizing the nationalization of the main pump of "Hualong No. 1", which has become the only one with shaft seal main pump, main pump motor and three generation nuclear power shield master at home. The backbone enterprises of the production capacity of pump motors; and the establishment of heavy duty gas turbine joint venture with GE company in the United States to promote the upgrading of China's high-end manufacturing industry.

The chairman of China Dongfang Electric Group Co. Ltd.: Zou Lei: the practice of "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" five major development, sustainable development of efficient, clean and green energy, actively participate in the "The Belt and Road construction, green power driven energy economic development. At present, Dongfang power generation equipment has ranked the world's top 13 consecutive years. The spirit of "China equip, equip China, China equip and equip the world" has created the national equipment of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

Zhang Yalin, general manager of China's western Electricity Group Co., Ltd.: adhere to the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics, in order to speed up the new generation of information technology and the deep integration of manufacturing industry as the main line, push the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, accelerate the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, and take the intelligent manufacturing as the depth of the two The main direction of the integration is to promote the intelligentization of the production process, to cultivate a new mode of production, and to improve the intelligent level of R & D, production, management and service of the enterprise. By changing product competition mode to service competition mode, the added value of products can be improved.

Shanghai Electric Group Executive Vice President Wu Huanqi: the current electric power industry in the digital era Internet plus ", the traditional technical means in the short term is difficult to improve the efficiency of the product, the more difficult to meet the operation optimization and timely service demand, can only continue to create digital capabilities, can continue to accelerate the development of. Next, Shanghai Electric will use digital technology to use digital means to integrate the whole life cycle data, inviting users to participate directly and co design through the Internet, more flexible to adapt to the personalized needs of the market and users, and to tailor the most suitable products for each user.

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