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The pace of coal cleaning and efficient utilization is accelerated

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The pace of coal cleaning and efficient utilization is accelerated

Date of release:2018-04-28 Author: Click:

The pace of coal cleaning and efficient utilization is accelerated

In recent years, despite the rapid development of new and unconventional energy in China, coal is still the main energy source in China at this stage. Therefore, promoting clean utilization of coal has become an inevitable choice for the development of the industry. The thermal power industry promotes ultra low emission technology, promotes efficient coal-fired boilers in the heating sector, and improves production processes in metallurgical and cement industries. Under the joint efforts of many parties, the clean utilization of coal has achieved tangible results.

In many people's eyes, coal and clean energy are hard to equate. This is because coal has long been in high intensity, low level production and consumption pattern, which has greatly influenced the environment, ecology, climate and health, and brought great pressure to the development of the coal industry.

However, under the influence of China's energy supply and demand pattern and people's deepening understanding of coal and other factors, the concept of "coal can become clean energy" is accelerating from consensus to practice.

In recent years, China's new and unconventional energy has developed rapidly, but coal is still the main energy at this stage. According to the forecast, the proportion of coal in primary energy will account for 50% by 2030. From the view of new energy and renewable energy, oil and gas reserves account for only about 3% of the proven reserves of energy resources. In 2016, the foreign dependence of crude oil and natural gas in China reached 65.4% and 34%, respectively, and the total amount of energy consumption in China was 43.6 million tons of standard coal, of which the proportion of non fossil energy sources was 13.3%, and the supply of clean energy supply was 13.3%. The total volume is still relatively low, and the difficulty of large-scale growth in the short term is prominent.


In the case of the shortage of new energy, renewable energy resources and high dependence on foreign countries, it is an inevitable choice to accelerate the clean utilization of coal with the high pressure of stable supply of clean energy. "Wang Xianzheng, President of the China Coal Industry Association, said.

In recent years, China's demand for clean and efficient utilization has been accelerating. As the main force of coal consumption, the thermal power industry is speeding up the popularization and application of ultra low emission technology for coal-fired power plants. After the transformation of ultra low emission technology of coal-fired power plants, the main atmospheric emission indexes such as soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are all lower than those of natural gas power plants.

From the implementation effect of Shenhua Sanhe thermal power plant and Guodian Langfang thermal power plant, the optimum value of the dust emission of the chimney has reached 0.23 mg per standard cubic meter, the emission of sulfur dioxide is stable within 20 mg per cubic meter, and the nitrogen oxide is stable at about 30 milligrams per cubic meter, which is more than the gas emission standard. The cost is much lower, and the additional cost is 1 to 2 cents per kilowatt hour. If its cost is increased to around 0.1 yuan, coal-fired power generation has been able to achieve ultra clean emissions.

The data released by the State Energy Bureau shows that the country has completed 580 million kilowatts of ultra-low emission technical transformation of coal-fired power plants, and overcompleted the goal of ultra-low emission transformation plan of the power plant. By 2020, the whole country will complete the ultra low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants to achieve clean electricity.

From the perspective of clean heating, the successful popularization of high efficiency pulverized coal fired industrial boilers has also achieved remarkable results. The thermal efficiency of the high efficiency pulverized coal boiler and the various emission indexes are equal to that of the natural gas boiler, especially in the case of high efficiency coal combustion, even more environmentally friendly than the natural gas boiler. More importantly, the purchasing cost of the unit calorific value of the high efficiency pulverized coal boiler is only about 1/3 of that of the natural gas boiler.

The experts said that the promotion of high efficiency and environmental protection coal boiler technology will play an important role in reducing the emission of pollutants in coal fired industrial boilers, reducing the energy cost of the residents, improving the quality of the atmosphere and developing the environmental protection industry.

In addition, the metallurgical industry has completed the elimination of coking furnace under 4.3 cubic meters, and through the integration of coal coking, the deep processing and utilization of coke oven gas, the clean development level of coal coking has been greatly improved. The new dry process cement production in the building material industry has been popularized throughout the country, and the level of clean utilization of coal is high, and the discharge of pollutants reaches the national standard.

The nineteen major reports of the party have proposed to speed up the reform of the ecological civilization system, to build a beautiful China, to promote the energy production and consumption revolution, and to build a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

According to Wang Xianzheng, the coal industry should grasp the relationship between traditional energy and new energy and renewable energy, grasp the relationship between the clean and efficient utilization of traditional energy and the protection of the ecological environment, strengthen the development of clean combustion technology and the development of equipment, promote the promotion and use of coal and new energy, promote coal and new energy, and promote coal and new energy, The coordinated development of renewable energy is an important measure to adapt to the energy policy of "coal based and pluralistic development" in the new period, to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy and to prevent and control air pollution effectively.

Wang Xianzheng suggested that at present, our country should continue to rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote key technology breakthrough, equipment development and application of new technology. On the basis of the demonstration success of ultra-low emission, high efficiency pulverized coal type industrial boilers, coal water slurry and clean briquette technology in coal-fired power plants, we will continue to attack the advanced combustion technology and further reduce the discharge. In order to promote the clean and efficient use of coal. The development of high efficiency equipment and furnace equipment, such as oxygen rich combustion, low nitrogen combustion, reverse circulation combustion, can meet the needs of high efficiency combustion and utilization of different energy varieties such as coal, natural gas and methanol. On the basis of the ultra low emission, pulverized coal type industrial boiler, coal water slurry and clean briquette demonstration project, the construction of demonstration projects will continue to be popularized in a wider range, from the point to surface, from the demonstration project to the demonstration area, to improve the clean and efficient utilization of coal to a new level and to a new level.

"The policy level should also be further strengthened to support the development of new technologies, equipment development and application, and give preferential tax policies to coal cleaning and utilization research and development institutions, promotion enterprises and demonstration units to support the development of coal cleaning and efficient utilization of technology. "Wang Xianzheng said.

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