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Agglomerate broad consensus and discuss a win-win strategy

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Agglomerate broad consensus and discuss a win-win strategy

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Agglomerate broad consensus and discuss a win-win strategy


In the spring of spring, "Boao time" will be opened. Chinese President Xi Jinping is invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Boao forum for Asia annual conference and will deliver an important keynote speech, which will be the highlight of this annual meeting. In from April 8th to 11th, the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao forum for Asia was held, and more than 2000 guests will gather in China's Hainan to focus on the theme of "open and innovative Asia, a world of prosperity and development", to gather consensus and discuss the win-win results.

This forum coincides with China's reform and opening up 40th anniversary, and implements the opening year of the nineteen spirit of the Communist Party of China. In the new history, the world will pay high attention to how China will promote the opening and further expansion and the deepening of the reform. After the idea of the "community of human destiny" is contained in the party constitution and the Chinese constitution, how will the new era China promote the construction of a new international relationship and create a community of Asian and human destiny; Wait.

In today's world, it is also the rise of the trend of anti globalization and the further increase of protectionism of trade and investment in some western countries.  As stated in the theme of the annual meeting, the Boao forum for Asia has always advocated mutual benefit and common development in open cooperation. At present, Asia and the world need more open development, coordinated development, inclusive development and balanced development than ever before. The open Boao power will respond to those acts of provocation and destruction of global free trade.

Innovation leads the future. "Future traffic", "future production", "future communication"... This year's annual conference will focus on innovation and long-term future. As a region that contributes more than 50% to the world economic growth, a new wave of open innovation surging in Asia will provide a more surging power source for the prosperity and development of the world economy. At the same time, China's economy has turned from high growth stage to high quality development stage, and innovation driven development is forming a new situation of multi subject coordination and all-round promotion. Such Asia resonances with China and the world, bringing more opportunities for the world.

By this year, the Boao forum for Asia has gone through 17 years, and its scale and influence are constantly expanding. In the collision of views, the wisdom is generated and the strength of the thought is aggregated. The Boao forum for Asia promotes the integration of different civilizations, exchanges and mutual learning, transcends ideological and social system differences, constantly promotes the strengthening of internal identification in Asia, and rammed the ideological basis of the "Asian century". I believe that with the success of the 2018 annual meeting, the Boao forum for Asia will contribute more to the world with a more mature attitude.

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