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To have a source of water

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To have a source of water

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To have a source of water


In March 17, 2018, Beijing, the Great Hall of China, the Great Hall of the people, the supreme Hall of the Chinese people, the supreme Hall of the country, was applauded. More than 2900 representatives of the first meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress shouldered the heavy support of the more than 1 billion 300 million people, solemnly cast a sacred vote, and voted through the State Council institutional reform program. In March 21st, the "deepening of the reform of the party and state institutions", adopted by the Third Plenary Session of the nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, was published, immediately becoming the focus of attention and the hot topics of the whole society.

The thriving socialism with Chinese characteristics is the cause of millions of Chinese people. "Ask the canal so clear, for the source of water." At the end of the fortieth years of reform and opening up, the contemporary China has rammed the profound historical significance of reform and hard work, ramming the foundation and retaining the dam and drainage, fully mobilizing the people's enthusiasm and creativity, emancipating and developing the social productive forces, in order to realize the people's pursuit of the great dream and the yearning for the good life, and to inject strong motive force and release the source. A head of water.


It is good to be good. The endless stream of Huangpu River and South Lake, the Chinese Communist Party set sail from here. It is the ideal sails for the people to seek happiness and the rejuvenation of the nation, "arouse millions of workers and peasants, work with the same heart", 28 years of bloody battles, 28 years to emerge, overthrow the imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism on the people's head, and completely end the oppression and peeling of hundreds of millions of people. The old system of cutting. It is the great creation of the people in the history of human political civilization by breaking the old world and building a new world for the people, and the great creation of the history of human political civilization. The old China has born a new country - the socialist country led by the working class and the dictatorship of the people's people, based on the alliance of workers and peasants, and the laboring people The people exercised state power with a new basic political system -- the people's Congress. It opened up a new era of Chinese people's ownership.

"Unique passion, the sky hangs on the moon, the wind and thunder are magnificent." In this new world, millions of Chinese people are proud of being the master of this land and can be proud of their home work. What is the fear of the poor and the poor, the spring and Autumn period of the war of war.  Countless workers sweat and fire, and countless builders are willing to fight forward without any difficulties. Meng Tai, Wang Guofan, Wang Jinxi, Zhao Mengtao, Deng Jiaxian... A string of loud names is the pride of a generation.  FAW, the Great Northern Wilderness, Daqing, red flag canal, two bombs and one star... One shining coordinate is the struggle of a generation. The unprecedented system of superiority has unleashed an unprecedented force of surprise, which once had been devastated by the land of China and changed the world.

Only by persisting in development can the system manifest its life. The perfection of any political system is not achieved overnight. The new socialist China is firmly on the path of the unprecedented, the harvest of creation and the hardship of pioneering, but unswervingly, it makes the people truly become the main force of social progress in the pursuit of a better life.

In the winter of 1978, the Huaxia Shenzhou spring thunder rolled. In the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the party decisively made the strategic choice of transferring the party and state work center to the economic construction. The Chinese Communists, in order to get the country out of poverty and backwardness, let the people live a well-off life, break the confinement of the thought, break down the institutional barriers that do not adapt to the socialist modernization, and open a great journey of the new revolution. Reform is also a revolution. It is the key to China's destiny. In order to emancipate and develop the productive forces, the production relations, the superstructure, especially the political system, the productive relations, the economic base and the superstructure, the contradiction movement and the development of the superstructure have been improved.

During the more than 30 years, the democratic centralism is more sound, the political life of the party and the state is constantly standardized, the national civil service system, the grass-roots mass autonomy system, the supervision mechanism of power operation, the system mechanism of scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, and fair judicature... A long-term system, one of the measures to rectify it, let the socialist democratic politics have a more distinctive Chinese characteristics, the characteristics of the times, the fundamental interests of the people to be effectively maintained, and the realization of the people's ownership is more perfect. During the more than 30 years, the reform of the party and state institutions has stepped in. From the overstaffing of the organization to the transformation of the function, from the straightening out to the improvement of the efficiency, the institutional function system has realized a major transformation from adapting the planned economy to adapting to the socialist market economy. The vitality of the party and the state has been greatly stimulated and the vitality of the whole society is constantly released.

In the spring green and blue season, every Chinese person's diligence and struggle, such as the trickle of trickle, fresh, happy and tenacious, converged into the river of history and the tide of the great momentum.


The pace of human social development entered the second ten years of twenty-first Century.

In view of China, in 2014, general secretary Xi Jinping solemnly declared at the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the National People's Congress, "people's democracy is the banner of the Communist Party of China. On the way forward, we must unswervingly take the path of socialist political development with Chinese characteristics, continue to promote the construction of socialist democratic politics and develop the socialist political civilization. "  Strong and powerful, strong and heroic.

Looking at the world, it was also the same year that Francis Forberg, who once asserted that history ended in capitalism, published a new book, "political order and political decay", which was completely different from the other two years ago, giving out the lament of the decline of Western democracy. Compared with this helpless "low tone", the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people are confident, firmly push forward the self perfection and development of the socialist political system, and write the new era of the people and the people of the people.

Looking back to the 5 years that the party has been pushing forward for the eighteen big years, the two words of the people are deeply carved on the magnificent journey of China's political development and progress.

The will of the people is more concentrated. Adhering to the leadership of the party and improving the mechanism of the party's leadership are not only the responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party for history and the nation, but also the expectations of millions of people for happiness and peace. In the past 5 years, the Communist Party of China adhered to the inward edge of the knife and strictly controlled the party and realized the revolutionary forging of the party. The party was more faithful to the people's will in the political, ideological, organizational and style of the party. In these 5 years, the Central Committee of the party has strengthened its centralized and unified leadership on the fundamental interests of the people, and has set up special institutions in the aspects of comprehensive deepening of reform, national security, network security and information, and the integration and development of the military and the people, so as to unify and efficiently carry out the will of the people. Open the work of the Central Committee to deepen the reform of the leading group, the 38 meeting, more than 1500 reform measures and the people's support, which congealed the expectations of the people, and truly fulfilled the people's call and reform.

The power of the people is guaranteed more fully. The foundation of the people, the organ of the people and the people. All power of the state belongs to the people, and the people practise democratic election, democratic consultation, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision according to law. In the past 5 years, the system of the people's Congress is advancing with the times and continuously improving, the leading role of the legislation is further strengthened, the implementation and supervision system of the constitution is more sound, and the people's state power is exercised through the people's Congress. In the 5 years, more and more representatives of the workers, farmers and intellectuals at all levels of the people's congresses at all levels have increased the role of the grass-roots people's congresses in the county and township. The representatives of the people's congresses have become more conscious of the people and their duties, and the people's direct exercise of democratic power in accordance with the law is more effective. Look at the number of micro-blog accounts at all levels of government administration from less than 60 thousand to nearly 180 thousand, the handset, WeChat, and other network platforms developed by the discipline inspection department. People exercise their right to know, participate, express and supervise, which is more direct, more convenient and more effective.

The wisdom of the people has been more widely converged. "To see with the world, there is no exception; to listen to the ears of the world, there is no smell of it; in the heart of the world, there is no knowing." It is the essence of people's democracy that people discuss everything when they discuss things well. In the 5 years, the socialist consultative democracy was widely, multi-storey and institutionalized. Party consultation, the people's Congress consultation, the government consultation, the consultative consultation of the people's Political Consultative Conference, the people's group consultation, the grass-roots consultation and the consultation of the social organizations were carried out vigorously. The role of the CPPCC Special Consultative institutions was better, and the public sentiment, the public opinion and the wisdom of the people were gathered. In the past 5 years, consultation has been carried out for the people and consultation for the people to become a lively practice at the grass-roots level. Democratic meetings, briefings on people's affairs, community councils and villagers' decision-making hearings have been held. The forms of consultation are diverse and the channels for people to participate in political life have been greatly expanded. Take stock of the 76 biweekly negotiations of the CPPCC National Committee to prevent and control air pollution, entrepreneurship, employment, pre school education, and poverty alleviation. All are the issues of social concern and people's concern. The democratic parties and non party personages, the leaders of the actual work department, the experts and scholars are honest and honest, and the ideas are here to communicate and consensus here, and the concentric circles are drawn here.

The interests of the people are more strongly maintained. "For the benefit of the people, silk hair will be prospered." Promoting social equity and justice and improving people's well-being is the starting point, the foothold and the focal point. In the past 5 years, a comprehensive rule of law was carried out in an all-round way. The declaration of the general principles of the civil law was solemnly published. A large number of laws and regulations such as the law of the environment protection law, the law of food safety and the protection of the rights and interests of the consumers were formulated and revised. In the past 5 years, the judicial system reform has been vigorously promoted, the judicial responsibility system has been established, the judges' procuratorial official's quota system has been fully opened up, the 6 circuit courts of the Supreme Court opened the court, and a group of people reflected the severe cases of unjust cases, and the justice sun shone the hearts of everyone. In order to measure the firm and rapid pace of reform, the State Council department's administrative examination and approval items are cut by 44%, the approval of non administrative licensing is completely terminated, and the investment projects approved by the central government are reduced by 90%... Power "downsizing" and "functional fitness", the role of market and social vitality have been significantly improved, and the enthusiasm of people's officers in entrepreneurship has burst.

The true path is the vicissitudes of the world. Today's China, full of vitality and more perfect socialist democratic political system, really let the people stand at the center of the national stage, deduce the magnificent epic of historical achievements and historical changes, and push the national rejuvenation of the great drama to the climax.


Thousands of thousands of painstaking, blowing out the sand to the gold. Since the founding of the Communist Party of China for 97 years, the country has been in power for 69 years and has created a socialist road with Chinese characteristics for 40 years. It has a deeper understanding of the ruling law of the Communist Party, the law of socialist construction, the law of the development of human society, more accurate grasp of the needs of the people's better life, and the maturity of the political system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The stereotype is more conscious.

It is also the spring that the east wind sends warmth and everything grows. A reform of the party and state organs that condense the people's hopes and national dreams has been opened and the comprehensive deepening of reform has entered a new stage. Build a foundation, set up a pillar and set up a framework to gather people to create great strength and consolidate the people's foundation. The profound historical significance of this profound change, with its distinct people's stand, deep feelings for the people, and its systematicness, integrity and reconfiguration, will certainly become a major symbol of the reform of China's political system in the new era, and become a strong engine for the vitality of socialist China.

Get together and hit the midstream. In order to strengthen the party's leading role in all fields of work in all fields, improve the party's leadership system for major work, strengthen the leadership position of the party organization in the same level organization, give full play to the role of the party's functional departments, set up the party and government institutions as a whole, and promote the party's discipline inspection system and the reform of the state supervision system. Insisting on and strengthening the party's overall leadership is the leading word and core word of this reform. The initial heart of the Communist Party of China is for the people, the mission for the people and the purpose for the people, and the party's leadership is the most essential feature and the greatest institutional advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To improve the institutional arrangement of the party's overall leadership, to strengthen the authority of the Party Central Committee and to centralized and unified leadership, the will of the people and the will of the people can be concentrated in the state governance. The interests of the people and the well-being of the people have a fundamental guarantee in the development of the country.

A collection of hundreds of rivers and a good life. Focusing on the thought of the people, we should strengthen the level and strength of the unification, the integration of the unified division, the distinction between the main and the secondary, the integration of "multi headed decentralization" as "one head of the general", so that the centralism should be concentrated, the comprehensive and comprehensive need to be integrated, and the party and state institutions should be strengthened in education culture, health health, medical security, ecological and environmental protection, and should be strengthened. The functions of emergency management, service of veterans, immigration management services, etc., to co-ordinate the allocation of administrative penalties and law enforcement resources. Giving full play to the superiority of the socialist system and integrating and optimizing the functional system of the institution is the focus and focus of this reform. Adapt to the changes of the major social contradictions in our country, meet the growing needs of the people's growing good life, adhere to the optimization of synergy and efficiency, accumulate and integrate various political and administrative resources from the top level, and fully respond to the people's new requirements for material, culture, democracy, the rule of law, fairness, justice, security and the environment.

It will bring up all things. The macro management departments and market supervision departments should be adjusted to reduce the micro management affairs and specific examination and approval items. The State Council department of the Ministry of state has reduced 8 and 7 sub ministerial organizations, and vigorously promoted the separation of political and social affairs, separation of political and political affairs, separation of management and management, and the construction of a simple and efficient grass-roots management system to achieve the shift of gravity and power sink. Invest in the resources... It is an important task and requirement for the reform to minimize direct government allocation of market resources and direct intervention in market activities so as to maximize the efficiency and efficiency of resource allocation. As the concept changes wide, it plays a decisive role in the market, plays the role of the government better, and does not avoid the adjustment of power and interest, from "adding" to "subtracting", from "more" to "good management", to create a system environment for high quality development, and to open more space for the release of social vitality.

Dike dam and Li Min. In order to promote the modernization of the national governance system and the governance capacity, in order to build a complete system, scientific standard, and efficient operation of the functional system of the party and state institutions, the overall planning and construction of the overall overall situation, the coordination of the party's leadership system, the clear responsibility and administration of government governance system, Chinese characteristics and the world The first class armed force system, the extensive mass work system that serves the masses and the masses. Based on the current and long-term perspective, focusing on the next 3 years and focusing on the next 30 years, this is the position and pattern of this reform.  Based on the goal of "two one hundred years", we should build a solid and long-term organizational structure, make a forward-looking and strategic institutional arrangement, lay the foundation for the prosperity of the party and the country and long-term stability, and provide a solid guarantee for the people's fundamental interests and happy life.

Those who seek the wood must be solid, and those who want to flow will have their springs. The people, only the people, are the decisive force in creating history. The root of the people is the people. Only for the reform of the people can it be so magnificent that only by relying on the reform of the people can we go all the way.


"The people are the creators of history, and the people are the real heroes. The magnificent history of the development of the Chinese nation is written by the Chinese people. The broad and profound Chinese civilization is created by the Chinese people. The spirit of the Chinese nation has been nurtured by the Chinese people. The Chinese nation has ushered in the great leap from standing up, getting rich and getting stronger. It is the Chinese people's struggle. " In the hearts of the Chinese Communists in the new era, in the vast land of socialist China, the Chinese people are always the starting point of the value, the main body of practice and the motive source of the creation of history.

With the development of human practice, any social system must develop along with the development of practice. More than 170 years ago, Marx wrote in a letter to Baba Anne Ke Fu: "when people develop their productive forces, they are also developing certain relationships in life, and the nature of these relationships must be changed with the change and development of these productive forces." This profoundly reveals the general law of institutional change in human society: productivity determines production relations, and economic foundation determines superstructure.

Only socialism can save China. Only by adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics can we achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The development of the socialist political system in China has experienced more than 60 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, a few years of wind and rain, and progresses in the spiral rise. The change is to constantly adapt to the economic basis, to improve and improve increasingly, and to ensure the people's ownership, the strengthening of the party and state vitality and the mobilization of the enthusiasm of the people. The main line is clear and fresh.

In the spring of 2018, the reform of China started again. History will bear in mind this new spring of reform, for the prosperity of the country, for the good life of the people, for the great rejuvenation of the nation, the inflow of water, the infinite power and the infinite hope of birth.

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