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State power investment and construction of the worlds first class comprehensive energy group

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State power investment and construction of the worlds first class comprehensive energy group

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State power investment and construction of the world's first class comprehensive energy group


In January 31st, the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. held a working conference in Beijing in 2018. The conference, guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, deeply studies and implements the party's nineteen major, the central economic work conference, the central enterprise and the local SASAC leaders' meeting spirit, summarizes the work, analyzes the situation, studies the strategic orientation of the new period, and deploys the 2018 work to lead the staff and staff to keep in mind. Mission, cohesion, and forge ahead, open up a new global competitive world-class energy group.

Xiong Weiping, chairman of the State Key Large Enterprise Board of supervisors, attended the meeting and was invited to attend the meeting with the members of the CPC Party group, the deputy director general and the Secretary General.

Qian Zhimin, chairman of the national electricity investment board and Secretary of the Party group, delivered a speech. Meng Zhenping, the general manager of the state electric power investment company and the Deputy Secretary of the Party group, made a work report.

In 2017, the state electricity investment exceeded the State Council's SASAC's profit assessment target, assets surpassed trillion yuan, and business income exceeded 200 billion yuan. The power assembly has reached 126 million kilowatts, of which the clean energy is 45.14%, and the photovoltaic power assembly machine breaks through the tens of millions of kilowatts to keep the world's largest PV power enterprise status. The annual power generation capacity was 422 billion 600 million kwh, and coal consumption decreased by 1.5 g / kWh. AP1000 completed digestion and absorption, relying on the project through the most stringent loading history inspection, the world's first batch of units will soon be completed. Major projects CAP1400 completed technical development, with demonstration project construction conditions. Set up the "China joint reburning company" and initially completed the concept design of 300 megawatt F level special heavy duty heavy duty gas turbine. The successful acquisition of Australia Pacific hydroelectric power company and Brazil San mount hydropower station will push forward the acquisition of Pakistan Karachi electric power company and the restart of the Pakistan Iran project. Overseas business has covered 41 countries (regions), and the total scale of overseas assets is 70 billion yuan. Deepening structural reform of supply side, shutting down 510 thousand kilowatts of coal and electricity units throughout the year, resolving 1 million 500 thousand tons of coal surplus capacity, and completing 21 enterprises' rigid management. The effectiveness of management innovation is remarkable. The group headquarters is successfully approved by the ISO9001 quality management system. The ten major management innovation tools are basically established, 28 new energy production and operation centers and 8 hydropower centralized control centers are built. Around the "13th Five-Year" poverty alleviation task, from the industrial poverty alleviation, intellectual poverty alleviation, infrastructure poverty alleviation and so on, the whole year invested 41 million 670 thousand yuan for poverty relief aid funds and carried out 62 assisting projects in 13 provinces and regions in the Midwest, helping 5542 people out of poverty directly.


Qian Zhimin affirmed the great achievements made in the reform and development of the national electricity investment and reorganization in the past three years. In the past three years, the State Council has carefully carried out the decision making of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, focused on the strategic objectives of the overtaking of the curve. It has made remarkable achievements in reorganizing, reforming, innovating and developing, and has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the world's first-class enterprises.

Qian Zhimin stressed that the nineteen most important theoretical innovations, the most important political achievements and the most profound historical contribution of the party are to establish the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping as the guiding ideology that our party must adhere to for a long time. We should study and implement the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping as the primary political task. We should work hard on "learn to understand and understand", and truly make the big situation in the country's development accurate, and find the position of the group company in the overall situation of national work and the development of energy. We should deeply grasp the general task of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strive to build a world - class enterprise with global competitiveness, grasp the requirements of the party's leadership of the state-owned enterprises and establish the modern enterprise system two "together", make great efforts to build China's special modern state-owned enterprises, and grasp the new development. The new requirements for the development of the "four revolutions and one cooperation" are made hard to achieve the strategic deployment of the three major battles, and the important political tasks given by the party and the state are firmly completed.

Qian Zhimin demands that, on the basis of learning and implementing the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, it is necessary to answer the important historical topic of "what kind of state electrical investment and how to build the national electric investment" in the new period, and to scientifically grasp the strategic orientation of the group public in the new period and to design the world for the construction of the world. A blueprint for first-class enterprises and strive to build a world-class competitive energy group with global competitiveness. We should take the high quality and sustainable development as the guidance, take the advanced energy technology innovation as the driving force, take the clean energy development and the comprehensive energy service as the leading, push the internationalization development and build the international brand as the traction, and build the modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics as the guarantee, and build the world class with the global competitive power. The comprehensive energy group has become an irreplaceable force in building a modern socialist power.

Meng Zhenping reviewed the work of 2017 in an all-round way, and combined with the requirements of world - class enterprises with the global competitiveness proposed by the nineteen Party Congress, analyzed the situation, put forward business objectives, and deployed the key work in 2018.  He stressed that in 2018, we should focus on eight tasks: improving the essential safety level, laying the foundation and conditions for high quality development, making efforts to save money, striving for the recovery of economic benefits, consolidating the advantages of the industrial structure, forging the capacity for sustainable development, and making a solid promotion of major projects and taking up the revolutionary commanding point of energy technology; We should promote the implementation of the reform measures to the ground, promote the system of corporate governance and the modernization of governance capacity, establish a modern management system, pursue a more comprehensive, more balanced and more effective management efficiency, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and help to win the fight against poverty, strengthen the party's leadership and Party construction, and build up the "root" and "soul". .

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