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Energy Bureau: four aspects of work to promote the development of clean energy

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Energy Bureau: four aspects of work to promote the development of clean energy

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Energy Bureau: four aspects of work to promote the development of clean energy


Strengthening policy guidance, promoting demonstration projects and creating an innovative platform, the first China (Dalian) clean energy high-end forum held in Dalian, Tang Yiyan, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau's science and technology equipment department, said that the clean energy field is the main direction of energy technology innovation in China and will continue to promote the following four aspects Work to ensure the innovation and development of clean energy.

Tang Yiyan said that clean energy is the important foundation and development direction of energy transformation. The scientific and technological innovation in many fields, such as power grid, coal and electricity, renewable energy and so on, has been in the forefront of the world, but compared with the world energy science and technology power, there is still a gap compared with the requirements leading the energy revolution, including weak basic research, lack of technical reserve, lack of original results, innovation ability and transformation efficiency. The "double enhancement" of the rate remains to be further strengthened.

To this end, we will continue to promote four aspects of work to ensure clean energy innovation and development.

First, we should strengthen policy guidance and promote the application of advanced and mature technology. It will organize the major problems of energy technology and industry development, strengthen the guidance of new industries such as energy Internet, power storage and energy storage, revolve around the innovation of energy science and technology management model, establish the coordination mechanism of "political production, research and research" and the coordination mechanism of departments, and promote the enterprise to be the master of technological innovation, research and development investment and the transformation of achievements. Body.

Two, we should rely on demonstration projects to promote the industrialization of advanced technology. According to the layout and development needs of the industry, we should actively implement the major energy support projects, give funds and policy support to the demonstration project approving the project, and cultivate the energy technology and its related industries as a new growth point.

The three is to create an innovative platform to foster cutting-edge technology development capabilities. With the relevant departments, relying on the key energy enterprises, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to carry out synergistic innovation, we will bring into play their respective advantages and jointly set up a number of technical innovation platforms of "production, learning and research", and focus on a lot of promising technology.

Four, we should strengthen international exchanges and enhance the international competitiveness of technology and equipment. According to "The Belt and Road strategy", with countries and regions along the resources, support our energy technology going out, strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the field of energy technology, breeding base of advanced energy equipment manufacturing has global influence, energy engineering talent team forging international competitiveness.

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